VOLUME 2-14D MasterClass 
Eyelash Extensions VOLUME technique is the next step after the classic eyelashes extensions to improve your skills and improve your qualification. This technology was designed to volume the lashes. With Volume technique eyelashes is increased from 2X to 14X times, and creating an XD effect. During these course, you will not only learn the VOLUME technique, but also RUSSIAN VOLUME, MEGA VOLUME and CAPPING techniques.
After completing these course, you will become unsurpassed VOLUME technique masters, as you will be able to perform all the existing VOLUME techniques.
Roberta Aršulienė – master professional with 12 years of international work experience, educator (8 years), international judge, a training manager in the training center "GK Academy" (5 years), who has invented and patented her own eyelash extensions technique “Feather”. After completing volume eyelash extensions at the International GK Academy training center, you will easily and quickly master the most sophisticated techniques CLASSIC FEATHER, AMERICAN FEATHER AND OMBRE FEATHER. During the course, the accumulated long experience will be passed on to bring you success and recognition.
Courses consist of two parts: theoretical and practical part.
During the THEORY you will get acquainted with:
LR hygiene norm and work safety
Customer's history (indications and contraindications)
Volume technique and its methodology
Russian Volume technique and its methodology
Mega Volume technique and its methodology
Capping technique and its methodology
7 different ways of forming a correct fan
Eyelashes styling
Incorrect fan correction methods
Complex situations and solutions to them
Volume 2D-14D correction
Customer consultation after the procedure
During the PRACTICE, You will APPLY 2-14D EYELASH EXTENSIONS PROCEDURE for your model.
You will work with:
Volume technique
Russian technique
Mega Volume technique
Capping technique
The latest, highest quality eyelashes: 0.10mm; 0.07mm; 0.06mm; 0.05mm thick eyelashes
5 type of eyelashes from different manufacturers to suit your needs
DUMONT the highest quality Swiss tweezers
7 different tweezers of the highest quality
Several different manufacturers (in order to choose the most suitable ones)
During the course of the training, we provide all the necessary professional certified supplies.
(manufacturers : GK XD PLATINUM eyelashes; GK eyelashes; GK Feather technique by Roberta Aršulienė eyelashes)
After completing these courses we will award you with international Volume (2-14) technique CERTIFICATE in English, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.
Courses are held at the international training center GK Academy - V.Grybo str. 17, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Duration of courses is 10 academic hours.
Individual course price in English 650 EUR
For a schedule of the courses, call the number +370 676 87272 or write to info@groziokultas.lt

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