Eyebrow Hair by Hair technique with machine ! 
In the newest “HAIR”, 2020 magazine for beauty professionals you will find an article which introduces unique technique, that gives an opportunity to make a permanent eyebrow makeup with hair stroke technique, using PMU machine. This technology was found by “GK Academy” educator and PMU professional, when during the training abroad she found out how the newest technology could be used making permanent brows. It is four different techniques that opens up new possibilities in permanent makeup world. International training centre “GK Academy” for beauty professionals is the only one in Lithuania, that organizes the highest level INDIVIDUAL training of this technique. During the training you will learn four newest hair stroke techniques using machine: Butterfly Effect Technique, Hyper Realistic Eyebrows Technique, Flat Hairstrokes Technique, Hairstrokes and Shadow Technique. Trainings are designed as for PMU artists who just have started off their career, as for the PMU professionals who want to improve their skills and get the highest qualification.